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                                               Mount Olive Word of Life Church History


Pastor Frazier started out as most do with a few followers and held services in places folks would look sideways at him for. On Wednesday and Sunday he started out holding services in a nightclub Big Wheel Lounge with the saints. That did not stop him from bringing the word and doing what God set out for him to do. Church grew from 15 to 20 faithfully attending bible study and Sunday services raising community profile by increasing outreach, special events, and ministry program.


 2006 . . . He left from that location and started ministering at his mother's vacated boutique holding bible study and church services.  The same folks that where partying in the club became regular attendees at the bible studies and church services.  While the church continued to grow, God spoke to Pastor Frazier saying "I will enlarge your territory."


2008  . . . God moved the church from a store front located at 710 South 5th St in Hartsville, SC at the old Food Lion shopping center to a larger building.  The people continued to attend and the ones that partied in the club started attending the church regularly, bringing frinds, and accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.  The church fellowship continued to increase.


2010  . . . God spoke to pastor Frazier in a dream and said "I will enlarge your territory."  Pastor Frazier was blessed and highly favored by obtaining a location that had been in the Hartsville community for over a hundred years; Mount Olive Holiness Church.  God found favor with Pastor Frazier and allowed him and the UNA Road Word Of Life Church family the opportunity to renovate the church building.


The rich History of Mount Olive Holiness Church the 1st Holiness in the city of Hartsville, SC. Pastor Frazier met with UNA Road Word Of Life Church Board Members and membership to discuss how to reserve the Legacy of the name Mount Olive Holiness Church.  The UNA Road Word Of Life Church family agreed to change the church name to Mount Olive Word Of Life Church Inc.


In May of 2010, the church was approved by the Sectary of State of SC.  Mount Olive Word Of Life Church Inc. is now recognized by the State of South Carolina and Federal Government (IRS) as a religious 501 c 3 non-profit organizations.


God is truly blessing souls by allowing the people to change from dance club partners to become partners with the Lord.  Look at how great our God is. He allowed a little man with a big heart and a strong desire to step out on faith to minister to the people in the low places and the high places and bring souls to Christ.  Pastor Frazier doesn’t look at who you are or what you have done.  He does what the Lord taught him to do and allowed him to do which is to minister to you so that you can become acceptable to God and not man.  God continues to add souls to the Mount Church Family.


The church has implemented a physical and spiritual renewal program in our community by challenging men to become role models in their community and  schools and volunteering and/or mentoring students in Darlington County Schools.

 2014…God spoke to Pastor Frazier "I will enlarge your territory." God has blessed Mount Olive with a heated baptism pool and purchased a house at 811 South Sixth Street, Hartsville SC, renovated the house for class rooms, conference room, pastor study, and church tutorial library. Mount Olive also partnered with Hartsville Community Center to assist seniors with their day to day needs.


2015… Put a new roof on house at 811 South Sixth St, Hartsville SC.

2015... New fourteen seated conference room table and chairs.

2015….Refurbished kitchen house at 811 South Sixth St, Hartsville SC.

2016….Church was blessed with church pews.

2016….Completed renovation to church and house.

2016….Community Meet and Greet Ministry was added.

2017….Senior Citizen Office opened 3 days a week Mon/ Wed/ Fri 2:00pm - 4:00pm.

2017…. Min Veronica FA Jamison was ordained as Elder Veronica FA Jamison and named                         Assistant Pastor of Mount Olive Word Of Church.

2017….Hurricane Matthew October 2016 caused major devastation to the church and the                       Hartsville Community. God blessed Mount Olive with a total church renovation.




Church Ministries: Bible Study, Sunday School, Wednesday Prayer Service, Evangelistic Outreach Ministry, Marriage Enrichment Ministry, Single Enrichment Ministry, Seniors Ministry, Youth Ministry, Toddlers Ministry, Elementary per Pre-School Ministry, Men's Bible Study, Brotherhood Ministry (MMM Men Mentoring Men), Sisterhood (Virtue Women), Mount Olive Mass Choir, Men Choir, Youth Choir, Toddlers Choir.


Daily Ministries: Daily Sanctuary Prayer, Daily Bible verse, Daily thought of the day and Prayer of the day.


             Mount Olive Word Of Life Church


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